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Parents, babysitters, and others...never, ever shake a baby. Shaken Baby Syndrome leads to death in 1/3 of all cases and others end up with lifelong disabilities. Learn more.

Foster and adoptive parents with years of experience and training know the proper ways to handle a crying baby. They know not to shake an infant.

FACES strongly urges all child-placing agencies to do continual monitoring of children placed in new foster or adoptive parents.

FACES, also, recommends that previous foster parents for children (who have provided appropriate care to the child) be encouraged to assist in the transition of the child to a new foster home. The most recent caregivers may have learned strategies for the particular child which could help the new family. Also, the transition period allows the child-placing agency another set of ears and eyes in the new home.

Raising a child takes a village...if you think a child is in danger of shaken baby or any other harmful conditions, please report it to the state Child Protective Services Hotline at 800-552-7096.

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