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Foster Families Overview

Who are Virginia's foster parents?  They are your neighbor, your minister, the bus driver, the soccer coach.  They are parents who face the same challenges as typical families in raising their children--setting limits, providing supervision, addressing behavior challenges, coping with educational needs and learning obstacles, etc.

Locating services, finding support, and accessing resources is often a maze for even the most experienced, most educated, and most driven parent.  Add to that the additional challenges of coping with a lack of history of the child, missing or lost medical records, working with multiple public service agencies, multiple service providers, birth families, specialized physicians, therapists, school systems, and legal systems...the task of providing care can be daunting.

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Find Family Services

Find Family Services is a searchable online database of public and private service providers who deliver mental and behavioral health, advocacy, educational, foster care, and other services in the state of Virginia.


Fostering Families Magazine

Fostering Families  is a  magazine about you---the parents, children and dedicated professionals in the child welfare system providing foster care and domestic adoption to children, where both sides of an issue are explored and debated and questions are raised and discussed on matters that contribute to the nurturing and well-being of the children entrusted to your care. An important contribution to the magazine are your own stories---of excitement, frustration, hope, sadness, joy---which serve to illustrate on a personal level the larger issues that characterize a system that is often slow to respond and under fire.


We are a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to provide a united voice of families caring for children and youth living in foster, adoptive, and kinship homes so that families and children receive the support and services they need. READ MORE