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In celebration of the establishment of our 501(c)3, our Board of Directors has voted to set up a new membership structure which will encourage more families to join our organization.

During the coming fiscal year, our membership rate special will be:

Individual $5/year--a voting membership of one

Family $8/year --a voting membership of one per household

Professional/Associate $25/year--a non-voting membership with 2 Board seats

Organizational $50/year--a non-voting membership with 2 Board seats

Business/Corporate $100-1000/year--a non-voting membership with 2 Board seats

You are a key ingredient to our success as an organization. We need you and your insights to help us frame an organization that families can turn to for information, advocacy, empowerment and support.

Online Membership Application

Printable FACES Membership Application.doc

Membership Brochure