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Regional Development

FACES appoints a representative to serve as your first point of contact for each of the five geographic regions of Virginia, corresponding to the regions defined by the Virginia Department of Social Services. You can use the map here to find out what VDSS region you live in. These boundaries are not inflexible, so we encourage you to research what works best for you, and don't hesitate to call and talk to your FACES regional representative to learn more about your regional events and support groups.

Central: Carmen Nash, Central Regional Representative

Email: cnash@facesofvirginia.org
Phone: (877) 823-2237 (toll-free)

Eastern: Tom Grummell, Eastern Regional Representative

Email: tgrummell@facesofvirginia.org
Phone: (877) 823-2237 (toll-free)

Northern: Nate Smith, Northern Regional Representative

Email: nsmith@facesofvirginia.org

Phone: (877) 823-2237 (toll-free)

Piedmont: Donna Ratcliff, Piedmont Regional Representative
Email: dratcliff@facesofvirginia.org

Phone: (877) 823-2237 (toll-free)

Western: Wilma Vance, FACES Volunteer

Email: info@facesofvirginia.org
Phone: (877) 823-2237 (toll-free)


If you are currently a member of a local support group for foster, adoptive, or kinship families, we would welcome your group's affiliation with FACES. There is no charge, although at least 5 members of your support group would need to join as FACES members ($5)--if all of your members join you can receive the introductory rate of $1.00 per caregiver. The link below provides you with the affiliation agreement which can be signed by your group leader and mailed to us at: 3900 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23230. We look forward to your affiliation!

Chapter Affiliation Agreement.doc


Our introductory FACES membership rate includes...

  • One Foster Parent On-line Training Course;
  • One annual subscription to either Fostering Families Today or Adoption Today per household; and
  • Access to the Member-2-Member forum which allows you to create your own on-line support network with families from across Virginia.


We are a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to provide a united voice of families caring for children and youth living in foster, adoptive, and kinship homes so that families and children receive the support and services they need. READ MORE